Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mom's Birthday Celebration

 Mom is turning 53 tomorrow and before her and Chris left we had to have a party of course!!
 We went to O'Charley's per mom's request. The girls were crazy but the food was so yummy and we had fun!
 Afterward, we went to the mall to get me a new phone. Mine has been acting up in all kinds of ways and so they gave me a new one for free!!
 Then, we swung by Der Dutchmen for some cinnamon rolls!! Yum!

The girls had a time fighting over who was going to get to blow out the candle! :) Annabelle won.

I took my mom to the airport this morning and it was sad but having such fun memories makes it not so bad. I will see my mom again on her spring break in March, until then we will miss you Lala!

Love you Momski! Happy Birthday!!

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