Monday, December 19, 2011

Lots of Randoms

 Yesterday Annabelle's class at church sang for the church during the offering. Annabelle was hilarious and much like she was on Tuesday night at her school performance. She just stood there, actually tried to get down and covered her ears. I am going to post videos for the grandparents soon.
These were the girls before church. I just love little Christmas clothes. So precious.

Yesterday afternoon I finally thought of a plan to teach Annabelle how to give back at Christmas time. Since all the strange stuff has gone down since halloween, I have taken a break from ministry things. It was just very evident to me from my time in the word that this was what I was supposed to do.
 The Lord had already had me on a break from singing on Sunday mornings and then I stopped working with the kids in Annabelle's class and so "taking a break" just included not meeting with 2 people I met with weekly and doing youth things. Not everyone understands why I am doing this and I know not everyone is happy. As a pastor's wife there are a lot of unsaid things that are required of you but I have to say that the lesson that God has been trying to pound in my head is Galations 1:10, "Am I trying to win the approval of men or of God? If I am still trying to win the approval of man I would not be a servant of Christ!"
 I would never ever ever make stipulations on someone else's life. Everyone has their own thing going on and their own relationship with Christ. I guess for me, I am just learning and thinking that I want to make absolutely sure that my priorities are in line, serving my husband and taking care of my kids and everything else is a bonus. My kids are little, I would hate to look back and have any regrets and so I am very happy with my decisions to "take a break" right now.
 All of that being said, I was thinking of ways to include my children in ministry and teach them about ministry and someone suggested to make all the people on my street treats. So we decided to do this not just to our close neighbors but lots of neighbors and then deliver them as a family with a Christmas card with the gospel on it, hopefully opening the door to get to know some of our farther away neighbors. I loved that Annabelle could help with the whole process of making these. It was funny too because I kept trying to get her to understand what we were doing with them. I would say, "Who are we taking these too?" and she would say "Santa," and I'd say "No,who?" and she'd say, "Jesus," and I'd say "No, our neighbors." It was funny and she finally got it. Annabelle had the job of saying Merry Christmas when the people opened the door which was fun for her. I hope we can carry on this tradition every year. It's so neat that I don't have to neglect my little kids to do ministry but can actually include them and teach them. What a blessing!! God is slowly teaching me, if I'll just listen to Him!

The Lord has been so so faithful to me through his word and I am so grateful. We had a lot going on this week and God provided everything we needed in this time. Praise Him!
 This was the girls this morning, I was asking them how old Adelyn is going to be tomorrow. :)
 We ran around all morning and they just had so much fun. It's so nice that I can do that with them now and not be super overwhelmed with two little babies!
 This afternoon before Adelyn went down we had a tea party! So fun! Our family is coming to visit tomorrow for Adelyn's birthday!! I'm so excited to have house guests and get to celebrate a birthday!! Yah!!
So much more to say but that's all for now!!


Shannon said...

We did the same thing this weekend. This will def be something we do every year.

Brandy said...

Great post. Love your honesty about putting your family first (and relationship with God) and having healthy priorities!It's a good reminder.