Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How we celebrated Adelyn's Birthday!

 Yesterday was Adelyn's birthday. I got to pull out the banner I used for her last year's birthday party to put up in our house! There definitely are some perks for your birthday being right by Christmas, the same theme each year and decorations galore!
 I made her this hat and she hated it :) haha and I think she liked her sign and her streamers. Annabelle really enjoyed all of that (which I knew she would) Annabelle woke up and asked if all of it was for her and I said, "No, it's for your baby." and she was excited. She asked, "Does that sign say baby Jane Fisher?" :) :)

 Adelyn got the pizza for breakfast that she had been craving! Adam had kept them the night before so I could go to a Christmas party and he let them sleep in their clothes from the day before in case anyone was wondering...haha!

 Next, Adelyn got dressed and then opened some of her presents. :)

 And we played for a bit.
 Someone had to wear the hat...right?!
 Next, we headed off to Build A Bear to pick out a bear to make for her birthday.
 She picked a bunny and when she really likes something she throws it on the ground and sits on it and so that is what she did..haha...don't ask.

 She then got to pick out the heart...

 and a sweet little lady helped her stuff her bunny...
 of course she couldn't keep from hugging the bunny..

 and kissing the bunny. It was so sweet. Adelyn is a little hugger and kisser for sure! And her bunny was ready to go!!
 She got to wash her bunny. We asked her what she wanted to name her new furry friend and she appropriately said, "Bunny." haha.

 We had such a great time and I was so glad that Adam had the day off so he could go with us and that Annabelle had school so we could have some alone time with Adelyn. It was so precious.

 After, we got "bunny" we went to the play place and Adelyn kept asking for her "sissy." It is so sweet to know that the girls like to play together and love each other. I really feel like they don't know what to do without each other sometimes.

 After we picked Annabelle up from school, we opened more presents. We just gave Adelyn two little things and her bunny.

 This was one of the presents we gave her because she looooooves veggie tales!

 After naps, we went to the zoo to see the zoo lights. We knew the girls would LOVE it and they did!
 It wasnt really that cold but I was so glad we wore all the stuff we did because it kept us warm. I wasn't cold even a bit and when it started raining, we had so many clothes on that none of us got wet!

 We saw some really neat lights!
 And we definitely want to go back again soon!!

 One funny thing that happened was that we went to see the polar bears. The girls love the polar bears at the zoo and we didn't see them and then we spotted them sleeping and I told the girls we would see them next time when they woke up and so from then on Adelyn was yelling "Wolar Wears...r u?" :)
 Adleyn talked my ear off last night. It was the cutest thing.
 She kept saying, "Rain, rain, go away." and I'd say, "Come again another day." and she would try to say it with me.
 When we got home, we had a snack and Adelyn opened her other present from us, a little bath set with some lipgloss (or "liplocks" as Annabelle says or "boupbwacks" as Adelyn now says.) she kept putting it on her chin. It was hilarious!
 And sweet Annabelle let her put some on her too!

What a great birthday! We had so much fun celebrating!!!

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