Friday, December 30, 2011

Adelyn's 2nd Birthday Dinner

 Adelyn had a birthday dinner for her second birthday.
We decided not to have a full out party this year for a lot of reasons but my mom always likes to be here for birthday celebrations and so we just planned a dinner for Ad when my mom was going to be in town.
 I decided to do a snowflake themed party. I thought it was a fun after Christmas but still seasonal and so cheap! :)

 I always enjoy putting up pictures from the year before. It's so fun to watch how much the girls grow and change. It always fills my heart with such happiness.

 I also like to do party hats although the girls never ever like them! ha!

 I loved how the light blue and red turned out. All of the snowflake paper is wrapping paper. It came with 4 rolls for 5 dollars! Like I said cheap, but I felt like it was still cute!

 I took a piece of the wrapping paper to the cake shop for them to understand the theme and they made this cake! I loved it! The hole in the side of the cake is from Adelyn putting her finger in it!
 I asked if they could make her a cupcake to match but when I got it out this is what it looked like...
 so I improvised and scraped off the icing and started over. I know I'm not a pro but at least it didn't look smooshed!
 I wanted an up close of how I did Adelyn's shirt. I monogrammed her name and a 2 on her snowflake shirt.

 Adelyn was so happy for her party.

 She had such.a.great.time.
 and she loves her pepop

 Oh we love that sweet baby!

 Adelyn just LOVED trying to blow out her candles.
 She was so so so cute.

 Annabelle enjoyed the cake too!!

 I love the cake on the face pics!
 We decided to invite the Ridgeways because they had invited us to be a part of their family for Christmas. Adelyn was so glad that they came!

 She opened so fun presents! :)
 Even though it was a very small dinner, we enjoyed every second of us celebrating Adelyn's birthday.

 My mom is convinced that the girls are going to think it's someone's birthday every day!
 I didn't think that was such a bad idea!! :) Love those sweet eyes. I instagrammed that this girl never ever has a clean mouth! Probably because she eats literally all day long!!

 What a fun time. I am so glad we decided at least to celebrate with a dinner. I just love birthdays and I hope the girls will too!
 Evey present Adelyn got she said, "I love it." It was so so funny because that is what I do I think. :)

What a sweet baby!! Happy 2nd Birthday Adelyn!!!

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"The Mrs." said...

That looks so good. I love the blue and red together.