Sunday, October 2, 2011

Annabelle's 3rd Birthday Tea Party!

 My baby girl had her third birthday party yesterday. I seriously cannot believe she is three.
 We always try to get a family picture at birthday parties but this one was was funny. The girls were not really wanting to cooperate.
 And Adam was going crazy with it all!
 Annabelle was already sipping some pretend tea in this picture.

 At least we did get some pictures.
 Whenever I thought up this party in my head, I thought that maybe we would have real tea. And then I thought we would end up with a ballerina party but I had already started making all of these flowers and so I just stuck with the tea party theme.

 Annabelle loved it, as I knew she would and that was the whole point of all of it so I was so glad she enjoyed herself so much!

 This picture was the extent of the birthday hat.

 We were so glad that a bunch of people could come. I really wish I could have invited everyone I know but you know how it goes, somewhere you have to stop.

 Annabelle started out in this dress she picked out and then almost immediately changed to play dress up which I was glad about because I knew it made her happy!

 Momski was here for the party which we were so glad about and gave Annabelle this new little necklace that morning of her party. It's a little ballerina. She adores it of course!

 We had pb and j's, chex mix, goldfish, sweet apples, grapes, and cupcakes. A lot of Ab's favorites!

 Adelyn even dressed up in a Dorothy costume. She had a blast playing with all of Ab's friends!

 What a sweet time we had with friends and family.

 Annabelle now understands her birthday and blowing out her candles etc and so it is exciting to see her love it all so much.

 Adam and Caleb were the only boys at the party besides Brent for a few minutes and so we made them wear tutus. They were so excited!

 Annabelle had a BLAST opening all of his presents! It was so fun to watch her have so much fun! I tried to make her say "thank you" to everyone but it only worked for a while.

 She got the cutest stuff for her birthday!

 I'm so glad that my baby doll had so much fun and so did I! The birthday party was just perfect! I'm so thankful for all the people that came and made it such a special day!

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Ben and Audrey said...

i don't know if its my crazy preggo hormones or just sentiment but i totally got teary eyed when i read this post. so sweet.

you are such a precious mom for AB. i cant believe she is 3 & that Jack will be 3 in three weeks! this little tea party idea is adorable! i might copy it for Jovie some day!!

love you friend! hope sweet AB had a great bday!