Thursday, September 8, 2011

Annabelle's 1st day of Preschool

I say it was her first day of preschool but we (Adam and I) got to go in and meet her teachers and see how everything would I didn't have to officially drop her off yet! :) In true Annabelle style, she woke up with her princess dress and high heels on.

This morning, as promised, AB got her eat her donuts this morning! What a special treat!!

She looked so incredibly adorable with her powdered donut face. (:

Since I broke my real camera this week, my iPhone had to suffice. It's fine; at least I have a phone camera right?! I picked put this special dress for her first day. It was not her favorite but I thought she looked too die for cute!

I was so glad the Fishers were here this morning with us! We always have so much fun when they are in town and they got to snap a picture of us and Annabelle. I love this pic. She looks so big and I am holding her which I like...she's most definitely not too big for that!!

She got to pick out her shoes this morning and she picked the pink sparkly ones! So cute!

When we walked in, we met her sweet teacher Mrs. Kathy. She was so warm and just what I picture a preschool teacher to be like!

They gave her a little bag for her preschool things and told her that her number is 6, so her bag and coat go on the number 6.

Next, they let them play a little while and of course AB went straight to the hair station and the scissors! I could tell she kind of felt like a big girl.

Next, they had a mock "class." Each of the kids had to sit on a letter and her letter was 'F' which was good for her since Fisher starts with an 'F'.

I saw her starting at the pink ballerina bear and giggled to myself and decided I had to take a picture!

Next, they had snack. I am so encouraged to be in a Christian school because they prayed before their snack! What great reinforcement!

These are her two precious teachers, Mrs Lisa and Mrs Kathy! I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about all of this but I left so encouraged and excited for Annabelle!

They explained all of the things she will learn and what she will do each day including art and a gym time and in my spirit I was reassured that we made the right decision. It is going to be wonderful for her to have this to do during the winter!

They sent us home with a project to do that includes this paper all about Annabelle's favorite things! I can't wait to complete it with her and I am excited about next Tuesday when she goes all by herself! What a big girl!!!

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