Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Guess what today is?! THANKFUL TUESDAY! This scripture has been on my mind lately so much. "So let the peace of God rule in your hearts and be thankful." And like I have said before, there is just something to writing it down that is so good for me and also scripture teaches, "Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people!"

The reason for Thankful Tuesday and the first post is here.

Today in my Daniel study, Beth Moore said:
"The Apostle Paul posed a wonderful proposition, "Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say "Rejoice." " The world cannot help but notice those who are joyful....in this, our lives become flesh and blood felt boards of the great and glorious paradox: Life is found by losing it for the sake of Christ. A vessel is filled by pouring out. The key to receiving is giving. The key to living is dying to self. The greatest in the kingdom is the servant of all. God has been right all along. His upside down path is the only way to true contentment and satisfaction. The world's claim to happiness is betrayed by an ever-increasing love for more. Nothing ever suffices. Nothing ever will. Christ alone suffices the ailing human soul."

So today I am thankful for:
1) The opportunity to know and love the true source of contentment.
2) To be born into this self absorbed and overstimulated culture in which it takes the grace of God, His power and my resolve not to be defiled by it. I am thankful for this because it daily shows my dependence on Him.
3) Being surrounded by so many people who need Christ that it is overwhelming at times because when I am uncomfortable, I do not forget about the world dying without Christ.
4) The times I have failed Christ and fallen off track because through these times I am able by His grace to relate to people, to have true empathy, and to be able to comfort them with the comfort Christ gave me. (2 Corin 1)
5) For feeling so alone at times because it is then that I can have true friendship with Him.
6) For God moving me so far away from my family that I realize how much I need Him.
7) The hardest year of my life bringing me so close to God and teaching me what it really means to die to myself. 

You see, I cannot die to myself with a bad attitude. It just simply doesn't work that way, it isn't possible. Dying to myself only comes through having joy no matter what the circumstances.

Truely, The Joy of the Lord (being in right relationship with Him, seeking His approval above all else) is My Strength (place of means or safety, protection from people, protection in general, refuge, stronghold, harbor)!!! Neh 8:10 Praise Him! I am full and thankful!