Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sweet Baby Dolls- Random Fun

I found these pics from a few Sundays ago that I forgot to post and decided I had to post them. I LOVE the outfit that Annabelle has on. I think I got it at a baby shower I had for Annabelle and the dress Adelyn has on is one of my most favorite Annabelle dresses!
I just had to post Annabelle in the dress too! The girls looks so little.
 I have not posted much lately because potty training has take over my life. haha. It's going well, we only have accidents occasionally. I most definitely learned my lessons about putting a time line on potty training. I am very very encouraged that Ab will be going to school though on September 8th!!!
 As you can see we did sneak out a few times this week. I decided I "needed" so we went and I took the little potty in the van and Ab went right when we got there and then she told me when she had to go and she would jump in the van and go.

 It was funny but worked out good. Adam convinced me to go to rocky's the same night and it was good in that we got to hang out with the Fulks but not so good in that we pushed Ab too much that day and she had 2 accidents that night. :(
 On a completely new topic, yesterday when Annabelle woke up from her nap, she had this outfit on. She is in a big girl bed now and so she goes through all of her (used to be organized) drawers and throws clothes everywhere and tries on everything. She just looked so funny be bopping around in this little outfit! (It is a skirt btw!)
 And this little girl. Sheesh. I lover her to pieces but I told Adam last night, "What in the world makes me think I can handle any more children (one day...not now....don't worry) These two are a handful. Look at these faces. haha!
 The other day though, Ad and I were reading the book where you have to find all of the things on the page that I tell her to point to and she knew almost everyone of them. I was sooo impressed because she really doesn't talk all that much. Little smarty pants!
 Also, yesterday I went to run some errands and took Ad with me and she took her cars with her (cars that some little boys must have left at our house sometime.) She just LOVES boy toys! It is so funny; she is such a tomboy. I have been in birthday party mode for Ab and I thought, "Am I going to have to have a cars b-day party for Ad?! My little girl?!?!" haha.
 Last night, we went swimming and A and A had a tea party. I really am so glad they have each other! It reminded me of some of the first tea parties they ever had together!
So, last night when I was walking with some friends Adam was bathing the girls and took this "Peekaboo" video. (Don't worry it shows NOTHING inappropriate!) Soo cute though!!

And last but not least, @nhershoes made this salad off instagram and I saw it and decided I had to make it! It was soooooooo delish! I don't have a recipe or I would post it, I just threw all the ingredients in by eye-balling it. I felt like the key ingredient was the purple onions! Yum!

I think today I might get brave and decide to take Annabelle to McDonalds and see if she will go potty in the little potty there. She has been doing so well and will finally go potty on the big potty and not just her little princess pottty! We will see how it goes!! Happy Weekend!!


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

that salad looks just like the new one they have at panera... sooo good! especially with chicken.

Mrs. C said...

Love the pictures! They are so stinking cute!
Mrs. C