Friday, August 19, 2011

Adelyn is 20 Months Old Tomorrow!

 Adelyn, sweet baby, tomorrow you will be 20 months old. I don't know how all of that time has gone by so fast but it has. You have changed tremendously in the past 2 months since I have written a month birthday post! You now understand so many more things because you have gotten your tubes which have made you feel so much better!

 You have not been sick since you have gotten them and we are so thankful! Also, other big news for you is that you can have milk and cheese in small amounts now so life is much easier for you and for me! You are still a pretty picky eater but that's ok, you and your daddy can deal with that together! You still eat a ton though!! Everyone always asks if you ever stop eating. :) You are still a daddy's girl but you LOVE me so much right now and say "mama" all the time while wanting me to hold you. I love it.

I cherish the times when you let me rock you in the glider. It is so sweet for me because usually you are so busy. I also love it when we get to spend time just us to because you are definitely used to your sister being around but love the undivided attention and I love giving it to you!
Your sweet little smile makes everyone happy.  You really do light up the room and everyone comments on how tan you are always. (You have your daddy's skin!)
 These past few months you have gotten some molars in and now have all of your teeth except a few molars in the back.
 Your hair is sooooo fun! Some days it is curlier than others but it is always so fun!
 You and your sister love each other but are still learning to share. (Yes, Annabelle's bathing suit is on backwards..ha...she likes to do things herself.)
 And you think everything can be used as a phone! You pick things up and say, "Hello, ubba duba hu la, bye" and throw whatever it is down. It is hysterical.
 You LOVE to play outside especially with the water hose and to have tea parties with your sister.
 You talk some but mostly we can't understand you at all. The other day though we were going through a book and I was asking you to point to things and I was amazed at how smart you are, you knew everything I asked you to point to! They say that the second child doesn't talk as much as the first and that is most def true for you!

You are so full of life and love to make people laugh and have fun. You remind me so much of your daddy. You are such a special little treasure to me. I am so thankful to God that He allowed me to be your mom. I pray that I lead you in the way I live to know Him one day.

I love you baby,

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