Thursday, June 23, 2011

TMI: ER Visit

Tonight, we took a little visit to the ER. Well, it really all started on Tuesday night when we realized that Annabelle had a massive zit looking thing on her sweet little booty. We took her to the doctor the next day and it was a staff infection. It was a pretty dramatic doctor visit that I will spare you the details of but let me just say that I was so sad for precious Annabelle. The whole thing just looked so painful.

We were told just to watch it and make sure her fever didn't go above 101. Her fever stayed at 100 but never reached 101 until after her nap today when it was 103. I called the doctor and they said to go ahead and take her into the ER because you just don't take chances on staff infections. By this time, the culture they had taken at our doctor's office had confirmed staph and tomorrow we find out if it is the non resistant kind. Everyone has said not to worry even if it is the non resistant kind because there are so many options but we just have to be sure to stay on it and make sure it is getting better etc.

The doctor suggested we go ahead and go to children's hospital because they would most likely do an IV of antibiotics. PTL Annabelle did not have to have an IV. We got in and out in 2 hours. They did have to drain the abscess quiet a bit more, pooooor Annabelle (YUCK) but they talked about cutting it open and again PTL they did not do that!!!

So, life is just as eventful as always. Trusting God with the big and the small things. Knowing that only what sifts through His loving hands can get to us and only when "they can work together for our good." (Romans 8:28)

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Shannon said...

Yikes! So glad she is ok. That sounds so painful