Monday, June 27, 2011

Dance Camp: Day 1

Today was our first day of dance camp.
I have been so excited about it because Annabelle still sings the songs she learned in it last time.
It is a mommy and me class and so I am in there the whole time with them dancing.
The girls were pretty timid in the beginning and Annabelle even threw an all out tantrum but by the end she was loving it and saying she wanted to come back.
Baby however, never really warmed up to anybody or anything except when the teacher held her.
My gut reaction says that they would do soooo much better if I wasn't in there with them.
Almost the same concept as when I work in Annabelle's class on Sundays. She clings to me the entire time and whines a lot but when I am not in her class they say she doesn't do that.
Anyway, all and all it went good and I know they will "warm up" in the next few days; I know the class is so good for them especially since they don't have a lot of social activities. (:
I need to do an update post on everything that has been going on in our lives. I'll try to do that tomorrow! Until then, happy ultimate frisbee day!!! yah!! I'm always excited about Mondays these days; I just love playing!!

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Cindy said...

Your daughters look so adorable, I wonder if my kids would love to go to a dance camp this summer, they are currently enrolled in an art workshop, and they really love it, the only problem is I'm getting tired of cleaning the living room with crayons and water color all over the place.