Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother's Day

This morning the girls were their usual "Sunday morning mood." haha

I asked Annabelle if she knew where we were going today and she said, "the zoo." I thought that was hilarious especially since she hasn't been to the zoo in over a year!

My camera battery was dead and so I used my iPhone all day. I'm glad it takes decent pictures.

I made these feather bows for the girls this morning but I decided I didn't like them with the sailor look so they both ended up wearing red bows instead.

For mom's day, Adam got me a book I asked for. I'm sure I will be blogging about it soon! :) He also wrote me a really sweet card about how

he appreciates me which meant a lot!! I took a nap this afternoon but I kept trying to get Annabelle to tell me "Happy MOTHER'S Day," but she wouldn't do it!

But she did end up saying it to Adam. Haha!

Tonight, he took me to my favorite place here, Panera. It was so delish. Annabelle had soup and wanted to sit in a high chair and not a big girl seat. I just thought the combo of eating soup in a high chair was funny.

It was soo nice though and we got to sit outside!! Obviously Ad didn't sit for too long! (FYI: I accidentally put on my powder that was one shade too dark! Opps!)

After that, we went to the park for a bit.

It got way too cold and we had to go home but we spent some time outside writing on the sidewalk with chalk. (The pictures are on Adam's phone so I'll post later.)

Overall, it was a good MOTHER'S day. I thought this morning, even if no one acknowledged it was Mom's day to me today, my heart would be so full because I love being a mommy so much.

Annabelle has started coming up to me and telling me she loves me and it just melts my heart. Being a mom is so hard for me but it's also way worth the benefits and teaches me soo much!!!

My dad and Nita sent me these beautiful flowers for MOTHER'S day. I just loved them; they were so me!

Also, today my brother and dad were on the front page of the Memphis paper cheering on the Memphis Grizzles! How fun is that?!?

Tomorrow my friend Crustal is coming to visit!! Yah!! I have some surprises waiting for her! I'm so excited!!

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Flo said...

You are so blessed! I am glad I got to know you too! Will miss u today!c