Sunday, May 15, 2011

I love having GIRLS!

Yesterday, we went to a photo shoot and got these amazing hair accessories! Don't you love them?! I made their outfits; I loved how the tutus turned out! Annabelle loved the tutu so much that when she had to take it off for her nap she cried. Their shirts said, "A1" and "A2." I liked them but I think they look kinda funny when the girls are by themselves. haha.
After naps, we went to use our last gift card at Applebees. The girls did well and we got some cute pictures, always a plus! This picture of Annabelle cracks me up!! Annabelle is in the habit right now of saying, "Can't I need to...." It's just so cute.
This morning, I got this cute picture of Annabelle kissing Adelyn. It was a sweet moment for me because she just did it. I also loved the girls in their white dresses today.

Auntie Crystal brought Annabelle some make-up and I let her use it today! She had a blast, to say the least! She was so sad when I made her wash her face. She asked to put it on again after her nap and I told her that girls only put on make-up once a day. haha. That worked for now.

I finished writing my articles for 633 Woman. The first two articles were about the wise woman; they are here and here and the third article was about the foolish woman from Proverbs 14:1 "A wise woman builds builds her house but a foolish woman tears down her house." It can be found here. I have to say again, I in no way think I am a wise woman but it is the desire of my heart to be one so learning and studying about it to write about it and not getting caught up in what I am not has been very good for me! I am LOVING writing for this blog and I am thankful for the opportunity!

Lots and lots to do this week and Adelyn is getting her tubes this Wednesday. The office is calling me with her surgery time tomorrow. Can you pray for everything involving the procedure and that it is early in the day for me?


Ashley said...

Your girls are so cute! GIRLS are the best!

Ben Williams said...

i love having a girl too, so fun!!! so glad Ad is getting tubes this week & that you and Adam get some vacay!

love you & please let me know how her surgery goes. praying for all of you!!!

Olga said...

Girls are tons of fun!! Love the tutu's you made for them!