Saturday, May 14, 2011

ENT Visit & the ZOO!

Yesterday, after Adelyn's ENT appointment we  planned on going straight to the zoo.
 I figured either way the appointment went, we would have fun at the zoo. I guess I will go through the appointment yesterday first. I asked God like I do through hard times to give me a scripture especially
 relating to that day. He ALWAYS does this for me. It is such a blessing because it is a fresh word from God that I can cling to and recite again and again if I start to think "Ashley" thoughts and no Spirit thoughts.
 Yesterday morning, He gave me Psalm 27: "with God, I'm fearless, afraid of nothing and no one...when all hell breaks loose I'm calm and collected. I'm asking God for one live with Him in His house my whole life long. I'll contemplate His beauty. I'll study at His feet.
 That's the only quiet, secure place in a noisy world...listen God I'm calling at the top of my lungs: 'be good and answer me'...I'm seeking you so please don't hide from me now. You have always been right there for me, don't turn Your back on me now...stay with God! Take heart. Don't quit. I'll say it again, stay with God." It was just the perfect word for me.
 The ENT was wonderful. He asked me a couple questions and then looked in one of her ears and said it was full of fluid. He was adamant about doing tubes immediately. He explained them to me briefly while Adelyn was running around like a maniac trying to push all the buttons in the room. :)
 He took me to the scheduling desk and told me that the next day he operates is on Wednesday. He stood there while the nurse called to see if he had any openings. He didn't. He told the nurse that they owed him and favor and that he needed to get this little girl in on Wednesday and they did it!! PTL!
 What an answer to prayer for so many reasons. Mainly because Ad is now resistant to the only antibiotic she can take which is omnicef, so there are no other options for us right now. She is pretty crabby most of the day especially since now she cannot take any ibuprofen until after the surgery is over.
God is good isn't He. He did answer my prayer, in a way that I knew it was Him. He is so good to us. I read in my book that "God doesn't withhold anything from us unless He has something better!" May I truly believe this with all of my heart!!
 (There is a little more to this story which I will have to save for later! :) )
 We had soooooo much fun at the zoo. Adelyn just ran and ran and ran her little heart out. She loved it and Annabelle loved to see the animals!

 Adam also really enjoyed it. This was her very first time to the Columbus zoo and I had no idea how much he liked zoos but you could tell her was really into it and it was cute seeing him explaining all of the animals to the girls. He is such a great "girl dad."
 The story of the zoo is a neat one as well! Someone in our church gave us a family zoo membership for a year for free and they did it anomalously. It was a HUGE blessing because we had talked about getting one and then decide that we could not afford it right now and then there it was!
 I think this picture of me and Adelyn is funny. It looks like we are actually right next to the gorilla.
 There was even a little baby gorilla or monkey at the zoo. It was the cutest thing I saw all day!
 Last night, we did not have anything to do and so we went to Walmart and let the girls look at the fish.
 They love the fish. Annabelle is in such a cute little stage. She wanted to know that there was a mommy and daddy fish in every little compartment. She said all the babies needed mommies and daddies.
 After that, we came back and let the girls play outside with some chalk. They LOVE drawing with chalk. Adelyn tries to eat it a lot but if I can keep her from doing that it's great!
 Also, last night when we were eating dinner we said a prayer for the food and right when we said "Amen" Adelyn said it too. It was so clear. We thought it was funny.
 She has really stopped talking all that much and the doctor said it was because it sounds like she is underwater in her head to her. So, I always wonder if she can hear us. I will be so glad when I don't have to wonder about that anymore!
 Overall, we had a great Friday! Today, we went and did a photo shoot for one of my friends in town.
 I made the girls some tutus and they were sooo cute. I can't wait to post about that tomorrow!
 Lots to do and not much time!!

 I can't wait to visit the zoo all summer. I am extremely thankful that the weather has been so nice here lately. It most definitely makes a difference for me!

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