Monday, May 9, 2011

Crystal's in Ohio- Mack's Baby Shower

 My sweet BFF Crystal came to visit today! She left Orlando this morning at 4:30 am and she is 29 weeks pregnant!!
We had so much fun today!!  Adelyn was trying to bang my head with the pot! haha!
 We had a little mini baby shower for her sweet baby Mack.
 I LOVE stuff like this and I know I probably wouldn't be able to come to a shower so I wanted her to know how special she is to me and how special baby Mack is to me already!

 We ate yummy, blue, green, and monkey cupcakes.
 Crystal spent soooo much time helping me and just playing and loving my sweet girls!

I am so thankful to get to spend this time with her! I love you sweet Crystal and I cannot wait to meet MACK!!!


Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

What a sweet little family you have. Looks like you had a great time. :)

Claire said...

What a sweet celebration!