Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunts #2 and #3

 Today was a super fun day! I had to take a picture of the girls Easter baskets because I knew that there was no way they would ever look the same after today! haha!
I was sooo right about them never looking the same! I had the idea this week that I wanted to add the fluff on top and I'm so glad I did. I love the way they turned out!
 I am such a dork! I woke up SUPER excited that today was the egg hunt and that I was going to get the girls in their pretty dresses and Easter baskets to go to it! Today was a day where I was elated to have girls to doll up!
 Both girls loved their baskets which made me really happy too!
 It has been raining cats and dogs here and so I decided that Annabelle would wear her rain boots with her dress. I thought it looked kind of cute! Baby doesn't have any rain boots but the shoes she had on worked well in the mud.
 I posted this picture on fbook today and my best friend Brit said this was an "Adam face" and I so didn't think about it until she said it but it is soooooo an Adam face that Ad is making!
Adelyn was a such a sweet age for the egg hunts. She is not old enough to fight for the eggs but just kinda enjoys the whole thing.
 She most definitely enjoyed throwing them, which is sooo her!!
 Ok, so before we went to the Easter Egg Hunt with a million people there, we had a practice hunt in our front yard.
 It really was super fun. I think everyone would have been satisfied with that but we decided to go to the one at the fair as well.

 Annabelle really liked picking up eggs and putting them in her basket. She has said the word "eggs" probably at least a hundred times these past few days.
 It drives Adam crazy but no me really because me and AB are just alike so I understand her OCDness. :)
 Oh, I love my sweet girls so much!

 We couldn't tell if Annabelle was trying to pose here or not. She probably was trying to pose knowing her.

 Oh and those legs. I will be so sad when all that baby chub is gone; it is juts so precious!!

 Annabelle was saying "egg" here. ha!!

 Oh and you gotta love the sweet sister love.
 Daddy and his baby girls.
 After our "practice egg hunt, we headed to the fair grounds for this craziness.
 And it was that. It was soooo muddy, but
 the girls had a blast!
 Adelyn got one egg!!
 Yah Adelyn!
 I just love this picture because it looks so sweet that Adam was guiding her. I know I'm sappy but I can't help it!

 It was definitely worth going to the egg hunt.
 We headed out pretty fast though because Adelyn had decided to play in the mud and was sooo dirty!
 Of course, Annabelle stayed out of the mud as much as possible!

 I love these ones of Adam and the girls.
 We attempted the same type thing with me but it just didn't work out the same. Adelyn decided to stop and pick up rocks.

 I am very glad that we made this memory today. How fun!
 And lastly, the tom boy

and the girly girl. Can you tell?! Haha

Happy Almost Easter!
John 11:25-26
Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die


Ashley said...

Your girls were dressed so beautiful!! Annabelles dress was sooo sweet!! We are doing egg hunts tomorrow hopefully Trey will be into it a little more this year. Happy Easter!

Ashley said...

So Cute! Love their sweet dresses!