Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy 15 Month Birthday Adelyn!

Adelyn, you are now 15 months old. You are such a unique little girl. I love how your little personality has grown so much even over this past month!

You are still obsessed with dogs. All kinds. Even stuffed animal ones. You also love any kind of animal. Oh and you are pretty crazy about your dad still too!

You and your sister have been through a rough period of fighting but I feel like you are coming out of that phase now! Yah! Annabelle still calls you baby most of the time. I think it's cute so I don't say anything about it. Whenever I ask her to say your name, sometimes she says, "Adelyn Jane Fisher" and sometimes she says, "Baby Jane Fisher." :) This picture of you explains you pretty well. You love your paci and your stuffed animals!

You have started to get the sweetest little curls. They are so precious to me!! I love to play with your little hair while you cuddle with me. This is yet another way that you and your sister are different.

You say lots of words now and try to say everything but it most things don't come out understandable. You say, "mama," "dada," "snack," "map," "no," and "bath" clearly. You try to sleep well but you wake up at least once or twice a week and cry and cuddle. Most of the time, I don't mind a bit because I love to cuddle with you. You still have the biggest cheeks and LOVE to eat, especially sweets. I cannot have them any where around you or you cry and throw a fit unless I give you some.

Your personality is so "over the top." We say you do everything so "hardcore." Tonight when we were at McDonalds you just crawled your way up the stairs and went down the big slide by yourself over and over again. I cannot believe you are already doing all of that so easily and well and you are not scared at all of the big slides!

You are such a sassy pants and have started throwing tantrums. I am so glad that it does not affect me the way that they did when Ab started throwing fits. I guess just because I have been through it before; it is not such a shocker that my baby started throwing fits.

Despite the fits, you are such a sweet little girl. You smiles and giggles make our home such a happy place. I love you sweet baby Adelyn.


Ashley McWhorter said...

Loving those curls! Absolutely precious!!! :)

Ashley said...

I am so RELIEVED to know that she throws fits too! Hannah has been such a little stinker lately and I was hoping it was maybe her age and I think its just a phase. Adelyn is SUPER CUTE ;)