Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baptism & Mom's Visit

Today I had the privilege to go to our church's baptism service. I was so excited!!!

I have had the opportunity to get to know this precious girl Karson. She is one of the most unique people I know (in a very good way!) I love her testimony; she has been through so much and has become such an awesome woman of God and she just led her boyfriend to the Lord which is soooo awesome!!

This is my sweet Carmyn. I became friends with her mom, Emily (Mrs. Marysville :) ) and she thought me and her daughter would make a good match for doing biblestudies etc and she was so right. Carmyn have so much in common and we just have a special unexplainable bond in Christ. She is so precious to me!

The teenagers that got baptized today. Baptism has just taken such a different meaning to me living here. I guess I can't really explain it but I guess I felt like it used to just be something that we did in church like everything else

and now I see lives being transformed by God and people taking baptism as a serious declaration to the world of how God has changed them!

There is almost nothing better to witness than watching God move!!!!

On a completely different note, Lala bought Annabelle these little squeaker shoes.

She squeaked all around church this morning. People either love the shoes or they hate them. It is so funny.

Lala got to snuggle with this little princess a bit this morning

and they had some special time tonight while we went to small group with Annabelle.

This was the best shot I got with the girls. I was holding Annabelle's hand trying to get her to stay in the picture. ha!!

I am so excited about Mom being here this week! We are going to have fun!!!

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