Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Annabelle is two and a half already?!

Annabelle is officially two and a half years old. Her half birthday was March 27th. I tried my very best to get a photo shoot going for the occasion but with each passing day it just gets harder and so this is the best picture I have of her this month. I love it with her and her lollipop!

Annabelle, you talk to me all day long. I love it especially when you tell me made up stories and when you ask me if I'm ok and you tell everyone they are pretty. You even use your pronouns correctly; I am so impressed! Your little personality is so strong willed

but yet tender hearted for people at the same time. I just love it. You are sharing more and more with your sister and the other day you were sitting in the flowery chair and your sister came up to steal your snack and you just held it up in the air. We were so proud of you because you would usually get mad at her.

We are starting to figure each other out more and more. I know that if I stay calm with you and talk to you nicely you will do whatever I ask. I love that I finally figured that out. You throw tantrums but really not that much and most always because you are tired.

You are sooo girly! You love, tea parties, jewelry, dresses, shoes, crowns, accesories etc. You walk up to the mirror all day long and say, "I'm so pretty." We are working on "Pretty is as pretty does."

Like I said in this post, you can tell me parts of Mark 12:29-31. Mostly the "Love your neighbor as yourself part."

You eat so well. You love fruits and vegetables and are not very picky at all. Every night before bed you have a bowl of blueberries for a bed time snack. It makes my heart happy that you eat so well!

You know all your colors, letters, and can count to 14 correctly (but you think you can count to 25) haha. You love Dora and Max and Ruby.

Your favorite kind of ice cream is strawberry but you are always very concerned about what everyone else is going to order. You make sure someone wants to order vanilla, which you call banilla every time.

You still sleep in your crib and hardly ever nap but will go and play in your bed for however long I want you to. I always start to feel bad after about an hour or so and go and get you and then you come downstairs and play by yourself until Adelyn gets up.

I can't believe that you once were so little. Please stop growing up so fast...

I pray that you accept Christ at an early age and spend you life trying to figure out how to best glorify Him. That would truly make me such a blessed mommy.

I enjoy getting to spend every day with you. You are such a precious treasure. I love you Annabelle.

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Laura said...

L.O.V.E. T.H.I.S! <3 So precious!