Friday, March 11, 2011

"Love Your Neighbor as Yourself"

My heart is so full tonight.

Ok, well let me start this story from the beginning. A precious lady from my church called me this morning and asked if she could watch my kids tonight so I could attend the service. Without hesitating I said, "yes!" I was pumped!! I would now get a chance to go to dnow and at least get to experience a little bit of it.

I left the girls at 6:15 so excited for the night! At about 6:30 the pity party started. I saw almost every person I know in Marysville was going to participate in this event. On top of that, my mind started remembering past Dnows, camps, and events where Adam and I had the chance to lead worship together and the pity party got worse and worse. I have no doubt this was the enemy trying to defeat me.

After an awesome time of worship led by my favorite worship leader :) my spirit was renewed and thankful but the story does not stop there.
Tonight when I got home I snuggled with the girls for a while and then put Adelyn to sleep. Annabelle and I snuggled a bit longer and then she started trying to tell me something but I couldn't understand her. She said it over and over again and then it finally clicked! She was saying, "and love your neighbor as yourself." Even writing these words is making me cry. I have been trying to teach Annabelle that scripture. It is the very first one we started working on and she has never been able to say any of it by herself. It was such a sweet moment of the Lord reminding me that my time at home with her is so important if I use it wisely to point her to the Lord and I just love it that He did it with scripture. Wow. Once again, just what I needed!!

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