Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Football Player and Our Mommy

My sweet friend Audrey gave the girls these dresses! Aren't they adorable?!? The girls LOVE them. I sent this picture to Adam this week at work. I just thought it was hilarious that Adelyn was in a football stance because she is such a tom boy!

Annabelle has been trying to boss her sister around lately and Adelyn is not too happy about it! ha!

Annabelle has been talking non stop lately. It has not even close to annoyed me yet! I love every miute of it; she says the funniest things! She has this little treasure chest and she calls it a "tresor, tresor, tresshor, shess." It's hilarious! We have no idea why she likes to say things so many times!

We sold Adam's car this week and so we are down to one car and so it was an interesting week. I spent most of the week playing with the girls and doing crafts. I made these new little hair things. I am really pleased with how they turned out!!

Also, Annabelle spent part of her week carrying Dora around in the front and feeding her bottles. Isn't it funny how little girls have a mommy instinct.

Also, I am having a baby shower at my house tomorrow and so I made these diaper cakes. They are not the best ones I've ever made but I thought they were cute especially since there were three of them!

That's all for this random post! Tonight we baby sat some of my favorite little kiddos and Adelyn had a date! haha! Can't wait to post about it tomorrow!


Ashley E. said...

Those diaper cakes are so cute!

Ben and Audrey said...

LOVE those dresses on the girls! they are adorable!!!

and i really do want one of the hair clips! so cute!