Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We have had a pretty busy past few days. Thursday morning started out with Adelyn eating some peanut butter. It is so precious because she wants to eat it with a spoon and so it is just ev-e-ry-where!

Thursday we had a play date with some of our favorite people Kate and Anna and their mommy Cara. I enjoyed so much just talking and Annabelle and Adelyn LOVED playing with the girlies. It was so awesome because Cara's girls are just as far apart as A and A but they are now 5 and 6 and so I feel like she has great insight to my life and she is a very godly and empathetic woman so I throughly enjoy her company! Also, her girls are so well behaved and so it is just fun to be around them. I told her that I would love it if A and A turned out to be just like Kate and Anna!

Thursday night I was looking for my passport and found this picture of Adam, me, and Annabelle (She's in my tummy!) in Israel. We had the chance of a lifetime to go to Israel and see and study the stories of Jesus and actually see where they happened. It was one of the most awesome things I have ever done and I would love to go back one day!

Also, on Thursday night we ate noodles and afterward Adelyn kept sneezing. Well, about 30 minutes later, this noodle came out of her nose. No Joke! Crazy and hilarious!

On Friday morning I woke up to my last day of my Beth Moore David study. I have enjoyed it so much and the neat thing is that although I really learned a lot from what Beth Moore said, I feel like it all pointed me to scripture. It has been such a rich period of studying scripture for me and I am so thankful for that!

On Friday morning, I worked on making so bows and then we went to the mall with the Moseleys. It was really fun!

I always love seeing the girls play and it is nice to get out of our house in the winter time!

Saturday was jam packed with fun too! I had a meeting in the morning and then in the afternoon Emily and Carmyn came over and we went to Target and then they came over to the house, we cooked dinner and played "Just Dance!" It was super fun! Carmyn stayed over really late on Saturday night and we had a great talk. I just love her.

This morning, everything was so crazy. Adelyn was bad. Everything with the sound system was going crazy and I was even supposed to sing the verses to the first song and my mic got muted. Everyone was super duper dead and Adam old everyone that we weren't up there to perform but that we wanted them to worship the Almighty God with us! I respect him so much and love his leadership in worship. Although everything was crazy this morning, God moved in the service. Our pastor talked about how Satan wants to distract us with anything he can and wants us to focus on our failures but that God wants us to focus on His grace. It was awesome! I can't wait to dive into some of the scriptures he mentioned this morning!

Carmyn came over after church and ate lunch with us and then took a nap with me :) and then we went to small group tonight. I am so proud of her for really giving her life over to Christ and striving to follow Him! She is an awesome girl and I know if she lets Him that God is going to use her in a great way for His glory!!

We have a busy week ahead. A snow strom coming (keeping my fingers crossed that it's not! ha!), a birthday party, my step mom's coming for a visit, I am leaving for Arkansas for one of my good friend's weddings, and Adam's parents are coming to help Adam keep the girls! Whew! That makes me tired even typing all of that BUT may we never get too busy to remember why we are here...............

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Noodle in the nose=HILARIOUS!!!!!