Friday, December 10, 2010

Sweet Kisses & a Christmas Party

We have Christmas clothes galore. My mom sent some from a consignment sale in Arkansas and then I got a couple, Adelyn has Ryley's adorable hand me downs and Adelyn has Annabelle's old Christmas dresses. So, it looks like the girls will be in Christmas clothes until Christmas, which I think is sooo fun!! People told me it was so fun to dress girls but it is WAY more fun than anyone can explain!! I love it!

I just love it when I can catch the girls kissing!

or rocking each other in the rocking chair

It makes life so fun when they are sweet to each other!

Annabelle insisted that she rock with the baby on her lap but the baby wasn't as big of a fan as Annabelle was of this.

I was trying to hold Adelyn while I was taking this picture and that is why it ended up so close; I like them though!

This was Annabelle's reaction to the baby really not wanting to sit in her lap. haha!

If I am going to feed Adelyn anything I take her nice dresses off because she is bound to stain them! I just thought she was too cute playing in her bow and tights!!

Thursday night we had our church's women's Christmas Party. Adam took this picture right before I left. I made them Spaghetti Bake and Adam said he was cleaning up Spaghetti for an hour! haha!

Emily probably hates me for posting this picture but I love her and wanted to post a pic with her. :) Also, after posting these pics I realize I have GOT to go and get my bangs trimmed!!! Working on that today! :)

It was a GREAT party! There were lost of women who I wish could have come because I would have loved to talk with them without my kiddos around but I had a great time talking with the women who were there!! Kim, also made the Spiced Carmel Apple Cider from Starbucks and it tasted exactly like the one from Starbucks!!! I am going to have to get some of that Starbucks cinnamon for Christmas!!

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