Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Making Cookies

I love the girls in Christmas outfits! These aren't Christmas outfits per say but they are super festive, don't ya think?!

The one Adelyn has on is a hand be down that we got and I decided to practice monogramming on it and it looked good! I was so glad because I am still new to monogramming and everything doesn't come out right all the time.

I really enjoy watching the girls grow up together. It is especially fun when they love on each other.

Annabelle likes to kiss the baby these days especially when she gets in trouble and has to say she is sorry to the baby.

Tonight Annabelle and I made cookies. We had so much fun! I have to say that I am LOVING the twos. Yes, there are a lot of unnecessary fits but it is also fun that Annabelle can interact with me and do fun things like make cookies!

She loved pushing down and pulling back up on the cookie cutters.

She also really liked rolling out the dough. haha.

I think we are finally finished with the stomach flu!! Yah!! It is also very very cold here and so today we went to Walmart and the Post Office and then we went home and decided to stay here!!

I love celebrating the holidays with family!! It makes it so special!


Ashley said...

Those outfits are precious! How fun is it that you are starting monogram!!!!

the miller mommy said...

It only gets better! Trust me!