Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Christmas Eve at our house!!!

Tonight, Adam and Annabelle made cookies for Santa while I was cleaning the house and packing for our trip.

To keep Adelyn busy I gave her a special treat of white chocolate pretzels our neighbor brought over. She loved them of course!

All Annabelle wanted to do was eat them of course when they came out!

I have to say Adam did a great job! I like them better without icing so the first batch he made without icing and the second batch he made with icing.

After all that hard work, they got to eat some.

We went to our youth Christmas party which was really fun and when we got home we let the girls open one present.

Adelyn got a toy and Annabelle got a puzzle that was supposed to make noise but mommy didn't put batteries in it! haha! She liked it anyways so it was ok.

We let them play for a while and then they went a took a bath

and Adam and Annabelle poured Santa's milk.

After baths we decided since it was Christmas eve at our house, we would let them come down and play for a few more minutes. (Ok, really I just wanted to watch them playing in theri adorable Christmas nightgowns.)

It is way too cold for them to just have the nightgown on so I put on tights and socks with them! That way I know for sure they will be warm!

Annabelle kept trying to help the baby walk.

They also played with their new toys some more. It's funny because they are so close that they both liked the puzzle and the toy. Really, almost all their presents are interchangeable which I think is fun for them!

Here is everything set up waiting for them to come down in the morning. Adelyn's things are to the left, then it's Adams, mine, and Annabelle's. I am so excited that Annabelle will know way more of what's going on this year. Last year on Christmas Adelyn was 5 days old and we had gotten home from the hospital on the 23rd and I was still a tad bit out of it so this Christmas will be way more fun!

I just wanted to take a picture of the present Annabelle decorated for me when she wouldn't nap this week!! Hey, it was great entertainment and it looks so cute!

I LOVE holidays! I am giddy inside just thinking about how fun tomorrow will be and then that we get to go to Memphis and do it all over again!!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!!!!!! :)


Ashley McWhorter said...

So much fun! We have had those same pillow pets in the top of our closets for weeks now!!!

just the two of us! said...

so fun ashley!! your little girls are so precious!

Ashley said...

How fun! Looks like a great tradition!