Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random Fun Photos from this week!!

I just wanted to post some random pictures from this week. The picture above was one morning when Adam was home (he usually works out in the mornings but he was home this morning) and the girls were so excited. They were cuddling with daddy and each other. :)

Historically, Adam has never ever eaten spinach in his life BUT this week I bought a chicken and spinach pizza from Papa Murpheys for me and the girls and Adam wanted to try it AND he liked it!!! Yah!

On Wednesday nights I take the girls to the YMCA where they have the youth service because Adam plays music for the service. We just stay until the girls start acting up. Annabelle is ALWAYS excited to see Ryley!! Ryley and Annabelle were playing James' djenbe (drum for those of you who don't know what that is...haha. I had to ask Adam how to spell it.)

That night after the girls went to sleep Adam and I cleaned out the garage so I could get my car in because it was supposed to snow this weekend! It was cold that night but we did it!!!

Thursday morning we had a play date and I just loved this little outfit Annabelle wore. She LOVES to pick out her clothes; she is sooo girly and it's fun!

Friday night Adam and I went to Panara and Starbucks oh and he went to JoAnn's with me. JoAnn's is a craft store and we always joke that it is like complete torture for guys to go in this store so I was so excited when he said he would run in with me while the kids had a babysitter!!

I thought it was hilarious that Annabelle had gotten Adelyn to somehow sit in the baby doll stroller and was strolling her around. (It only lasted a minute.) It was hilarious!!!

This morning Annabelle brought all her tricks to church in hopes of her acting semi good. It didn't work by the way!! But she was cute in the car with her guitar and her bible.

And she had her maraca today acting like she was singing into a microphone. She is such a little character!!

Well, that is all the iPhone photos I have for now. Tomorrow we are traveling to Cinncinati to visit Brit and Miss Presley! Can't wait!!

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Lisa said...

I love your curtains and that chair behind the girls in the stroller pic! You have great decorating style!