Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween/Trick or Truth

Our Halloween was so great! We had church and it was a normal Sunday for us but that night we got to dress up and go to Trick or Truth!!

Sweet little Adelyn was not that excited about getting ready but she managed to make it ok.

So, I had the plan of the girls being Dora and Boots but it just did not work out soooo I went to Target on Thursday and this is what they had on clearance!

I thanked the Lord all the way home because Thursday was my absolute last day I could have gotten a costume and I just felt like they were perfect for them! :)

Annabelle was a flower and Adelyn was a flower gnome. Annabelle thought she was a butterfly. I guess that is what she wanted to be but I didn't know until she had the flower costume on soooo we just pretended to her that she was a butterfly. haha!

Annabelle loved carrying her bucket especially when we told her she was going to get candy in it!!

Sweet little gnome had on two pairs of tights and basically a sweatshirt underneath her outfit. It was supposed to be 40 degrees which isn't that bad but what is bad here is the wind. The wind chill is always MUCH colder than the temperature and makes it almost unbearable to be outside sometimes and so I wanted the girls to be warm!

Annabelle had on her flannel frog pjs underneath her outfit. (You can see them in some of the pictures if you closely:) )

Daddy trying to hold the girls. haha.

Sweet Oliver was a little football. He was too cute!!

We tried to get a picture of Ryley and Annabelle on the adorable little picture place but the sun was in their eyes so this is how it turned out.

Sweet little Adelyn has just been a little clingy (to say the least) but in her defense I looked in her mouth today and she has 3 NEW TEETH! Holy Cow that is a lot at one time!

Daddy took Annabelle to play all the games and get candy. It was so cute. We never discussed it, he just did it. It was adorable!

She LOVED getting all the candy. I let her eat as much of it as she wanted last night and then hid it all in the basement and I'll go and get some for her when she's good or lets me fix her hair or cut her fingernails or something.

I stayed outside for a little bit but then I felt like it was too cold for them and so I took them into Maly's house to play. Adam was so sweet and he let me go and meet and talk to people every now and then while he stayed inside with the girls and then we would take them all outside for a little while. It really worked out well!

I got to talk to lots of people but made one really good contact. I am excited to call her and get to know her better. We had a great Halloween and we hope you did too!!!


Laura and family said...

so, so cute! and I love that they called it trick-or-truth!!

Ashley said...

I was blog hopping and came across yours! I am so glad I did. My husband is currently a part time music minister too. Unfortunately our church is dissolving (we helped start a church plant) but it is also exciting because we have been praying that my husband takes the step to let ministry be is full time job. I hope you don't mind a new follower!

Jill said...

Those outfits are adorable!!!

Mel said...

The girls look so stinkin cute for Halloween! Good job on catching their costumes on clearance!

Mel said...

The girls look so stinkin cute for Halloween! Good job on catching their costumes on clearance!