Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy 10 Month Birthday Adelyn!

Sweet Little Adelyn turned 10 months on the twentieth. I feel like these 10 months have in a way flown by and in another way have drug out a bit because she was so sick in the beginning. If you would have told me 3 months ago that Adelyn would be on no meds, would sleep pretty well, and would not vomit all over my house by the time she was 10 months, I would not have believed you but I truly and sincerely believe that all the prayers of the people that faithfully prayed for her have made a HUGE difference in not only Adelyn's life but mine as well. I tear up thinking about it because I have had so many people recently ask me how she is doing and told me that she is on their daily prayer list and it has been such a blessing to me.

Adelyn, you are the queen of smiles and funny faces at our house. You are always ready to smile at anyone and are an excellent cuddlier when you choose. You love to straddle us and just lay your head down on our chests. You still adore you daddy to pieces and love his attention.

You make this silly face all the time and we have no idea why. The only thing we can come up with is that you have an itch in your nose because you have had a sinus infection. You are so mobile. You will crawl all over the place and pull up on everything. You will stand for about 15 seconds and when you fall you look at me with a grin like, "I did it mama." It melts my heart. You are definitely getting ready to walk and mama is trying to get ready for it too!!

You LOVE your sister to death and sometimes like it when she "beats you up" but most of the time you cry and Annabelle has to be punished. She is very very rough with you and I am convinced you are going to be a very tough cookie when you get older. I always tell people that I think when you get old enough and want to I'm gonna pretend to leave the room and let you beat Annabelle up at least one good time because, believe me, she deserves it. :)

Annabelle does love you very much though and always asks where you are when you are not there after her nap. I always say, "baby's sleeping" and she says, "Shhhhh baby's sleeping." I still pray all the time you will be the best of friends!

Every morning we hear you banging on your bed post this is how we know you are awake. When we walk in the room you are just standing up playing with your mobile; it is the cutest thing!! You take a nap every day at 1:00 with sister and you try to take one sometime earlier in the morning and sometimes I let you or you just fall asleep and I can't help it. You usually sleep about 2 hours during the day. At night, we put you down at 8 and you sleep until about 7:30 or 8 (on a perfect night :) ) Adelyn, you are still working on 3 top teeth. Two of them are poking through but you always have things in your mouth trying to work on those teeth.

You weigh 20.7 lbs and the doctor you saw yesterday thought it was so funny that you and sissy weights were so close. I told the doctor Annabelle weighed as much as you do when she was your age too. Oh and I have to mention you love affair with food; you are soooo hungry all.the.time. When you are awake you want to eat; I'm pretty sure it is because you have stopped taking bottles. I have been trying to give you formula in a sippy cup and you are not so interested so I think we are just going to move on to milk. This will be funny because we will have 3 different kinds of milk in our fridge for a while.

Adelyn, getting pregnant with you was such a surprise but it was the best surprise I've ever had. I cannot imagine life without your smiley face. You bring such joy to our home. We love you more than you could ever imagine and cannot wait to see what God does with your life! Love you sweetheart, Mommy :)

I took all these pictures yesterday and I was only going to post the one's of Adelyn that I liked but just had to post them all. I thought this last one of Annabelle is hilarious. She is most definitely in the terrible twos stage and I see this whiny face a lot. I think she is starting to learn that she is not going to get away with everything she though she was haha. She is so funny and entertaining these days haha!

This weekend I am going on our church's first women's retreat and I am so pumped. I am excited about getting away and studying God's word and listening to seasoned women share. The only time I have left my children is with their grandparents for weddings and so this will be the first weekend they spend with daddy. I feel so bad for him because both of them are sick and all the other men have grandparents coming to help them but I know he will make it. I am just praying that I can take every thought captive (1 Corin 10:13) and not worry about them while I'm gone. I don't want Satan to distract me with anything!! Will you pray that for me too? I can't wait to post about the retreat and praise Jesus for all He did!!

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Shannon said...

I am with ya on letting them beat the older one up at least once. Huds takes a beating a keeps on ticking. Jackson is still learning "gentle". Ha!