Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Annabelle!

We all got together to sing Annabelle Happy Birthday. Adam videoed it and I need to post it! I thought she might be really weirded out. I had practiced with her singing to Dora etc and so she did ok!

She even knew how to blow out the candles without me even telling her how!

Yah Annabelle! :)

She was very ready to eat cake after all that hard work!

She dove right in to the little cupcake they made for her.

She spent a long time eating all that icing!

My sweet girls. Adelyn looks a little jealous huh? Her time is coming so soon!!

I tried so hard to be laid back about all the icing getting everywhere. I just let her have fun with it and we'll just have to see if the stains come out! haha! (I got her dress at Once Upon a Child for 6.50 so I figured it's ok if she ruins it, although I hope she didn't!!)

Annabelle is just like her mommy! Everyone that knows me knows that I only eat icing! haha! So does Annabelle!! Gotta love it!

Mom and Brit helped serve the cake! They were so sweet!

Oh Annabelle!

Adam being Adam! The top layer was red velvet cake because that's Adam's favorite and we said that was his birthday cake! He loved so much how it tasted that I don't think he cared it was big polka dotted.

Me and my sweet two year old!!! I loved the icing all over her face; that means she enjoyed it, right!

Next, we opened some presents. Annabelle got some of the cutest clothes

but she did get a little overwhelmed by all the present opening! So, I opened and she played with her new toys.

I loved all her new toys; I thought this guitar was so cute, not only is it a guitar like daddy's but it also has Dora on it!! Maybe this will help her act better on Sunday mornings while I practice! ha!

Adelyn ate her favorite treat (thank the Lord for the Target brand!!)

and Pres Pres got to play with some of Annabelle's new toys too!

We were so glad that some of our friends could come and celebrate with us! We wished all of our friends could have been there but we knew that would be way to overwhelming for miss Annabelle!

I caught the next door neighbors playing tea party during the party. It was funny and I had to take a picture.

The kids were able to play outside a lot which really helped out with crowd control in our house.

This is my last birthday post! We had such a great party! I can't believe my baby girl is two! I love you sweet Annabelle!! You are such a wonderful blessing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Heather said...

What a great party Ashley!! That cake looks so good and your little girl is an absolute doll!! The party looks so fun, and you look beautiful!! Happy Birthday to Annabelle!!

the miller mommy said...

I have tears in my eyes as I am thinking back to my girls' 2nd birthday. Kate had a Dora party and my sister made the cake. It was so priceless and amazing! was just yesterday! You are going to be so thankful you are recording all of this right now.