Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dance Class Today!

Today, I gave her an early birthday present (the stroller) and she LOVED it! She played with it all morning and even drug it outside to play with it there. I thought it was so cute!!

This is Annabelle's cheese face now. :)

Also, today Annabelle went to dance class again. She did so much better this week!

When we first came into class Annabelle wanted to hold my hand but by the end of class she was off dancing away on her own! That is when I got the camera out! I was so proud of her!

She wanted to wear her purple tennis shoes today and I thought they were too cute; I guess she thinks they are comfortable which is good!

Today Annabelle played peek-a-boo. Marched to the dinosaur song, sang and danced to "If Your Happy and You Know It,'' danced to "Ring Around the Rosy," played and danced to the freeze song.

Annabelle I'm so glad you are enjoying yourself at dance class! I love watching you have so much fun and I was so proud of you today!

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Ashley E. said...

She is so beautiful! I can't wait to put Addi in ballet class!