Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Weekend Fun

This was part of my Saturday morning breakdown about not sleeping...haha. Of course, it is kind of funny now but I still have tons of flour I need to dig out of the cracks of my hardwood floors.

My Saturday got MUCH better when Adam surprised me by coming home and saying we should get out and go somewhere. I totally agreed and so we went to the mall. The funny thing was, we forgot the stroller and so we had to carry the kids...well..Annabelle walked some but everyone with a toddler knows it is probably actually easier to carry her than to chase her around the mall. We really did have a good time though and we ended up getting in one of those photo booth things and taking these pictures. Annabelle clicked the button for the "dumb and dumber" to be at the top and we just thought it was funny so we stuck with it.

On Sunday afternoon after the girls naps we went to Walmart. I did a very bad thing one day and I got Annabelle an icee at Walmart and now every single time we go in Walmart she cries and cries for an icee. This particualr day we gave in.

This was before icee.

This is after. MUCH happier.

I just thought Annabelle was being hilarious with her icee. This is the girls while Adam was renting us a movie. I usually get the huge carts but they were out that day.

and then we went to the park to let Annabelle get her energy out. Of course she couldn't put her icee down so she carried it all through the park.

I love this particular park because there is a smaller playground for Annabelle's age where I don't have to follow and watch her every move.

One of the really nice things about where we live is the amount of parks around. I could proabably go to a different park every day for at least a month if I wanted to. Also, the weather is great here in the late afternoon so it's a great time to get outside.

Of course, sweet Adleyn is smiling while watching Annabelle play.

We had a great weekend. I really don't know what I would do without Adam. I was trying to explain our relationship to my friends this past week. He is so wonderful; he is such a great helper. It is like we depend on each other so much and I love it. Thank you Adam for always being there for me when I'm having a bad day and never complaining about helping me so much! You are a wonderful husband and daddy to the girls; I don't know what I would do without you!!!


Mrs. Chantel Harris said...

Haha. I totally know how you feel about the icee. My oldest son will throw a fit for popcorn when we are at Target just because I let him have some while we were there once before. Your girls are so cute though and I love reading your blog!

Allie said...

Sadie hates to go to walmart if i have to get a lot of groceries and wants an icee too. Now that she is older we make her pay for it with her money :).