Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Visits from Friends and Family

Last week my sweet friend Kimberly came to visit me because he husband, Sammy and Adam were doing a youth camp together. She came to be my "extra set of hands" which I most definitely needed! I told her that she was going to be exhausted when she left my house and she sure was! (Marmie always says, "It's a good tired." I love it that she says that about take care of my kiddos.)

Kimberly came to dance camp with me every day and watched Adelyn. We also took trips to the park every day.

Adelyn kept falling asleep every where we went because she was not sleeping at night at all! Poor thing!

Annabelle and Kimberly eating their McDonalds.

We took Annabelle to McDonalds twice because she had a new found love for the big slides there and so she would play for a long long time and we loved that she loved it! She is not that adventurous so I was so excited for her. Everyone probably thought I was crazy in McDonald's the first time she went down the big slide because I was sooooo excited for her!!

Also, my sweet cousin Angie came to visit me on Wednesday of last week. These are our kiddos and us minus one girl who was a friend of Sydneys. I love Angie soo much; we understand each other really well and I like that. It was soo good to see and visit with her and sweet Sydney, Dillion, and Sylvia!

Kimeberly brought us all fun little "happys." She bought this sweet little dress for Adelyn and I love it! She will definitly be wearing it again and again. This is the two of them at dance camp.

All four of us outside dance camp.

Kimberly, thank you so very much for spending a week with me. You are such a great and wonderful friend and I hope I did not really cause you to not want to have children! :) No seriously your servant heart really shined through; I hope I can bless someone someday the way you blessed me this week! Love you!!!

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Samantha Wrigley said...

I found you from Kelly's blog, and started to scroll down through your posts (your girls are gorgeous by the way) , and came upon this one and was shocked! Kimberly and I go to Church together! :) Small, small world!