Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Comparison Shots 6 Months!

These are the girls six month comparison shots. The left is Adelyn and the right Annabelle. I wish I would have blogged when Annabelle was a tiny baby like Adelyn; I had no idea blogging was so great back then!

Anyway, I think they look more alike than I thought they did when I get the pictures up side by side but as their mommy I still see their differences. Adelyn's eyes are definitely a different shape, her face is longer and Annabelle's rounder, Annabelle's head is bigger, their noses are different shapes and AB has her beautiful beauty mark on her forehead that Adelyn does not have. The similarities are their eyes, lips, ears, and smile. Now that Adelyn's hair is coming in we know it is going to be blond like Annabelle's. Adelyn's hair looks exactly like Annabelle's did at six months. I looove the little fuzzy just coming in baby hair. It's just so sweet!

I love putting their pictures up side by side. It just reminds me of how blessed I am to have two sweet, precious little girls. I read Megan and Brent's story today about baby Cohen and bawled my eyes out and it just put things in perspective for me about how hard I "thought" my day had been. I cannot imagine going through what they have been through. I'm so glad I found their blog and can now pray for them. Please pray for them too.


Kelly said...

Your girls are both so beautiful! And I love blogging just for the fact that I have such a great record of Harper's life. I'm not that good mom who writes everything down in a baby book - but I have it mostly in her blog and I'm thankful. It also forces me to take a lot of pictures! :-)

Resisting Perfection said...

Your girls are gorgeous. They do look very similar, such sweet smiles! I noticed, like Kelly, that it makes me take many more photos than I normally would without blogging.