Monday, May 10, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama

This post has taken me forever to write because so much happened in the period of a couple days and it was all so much fun!! I am so thankful that I was able to be there for James' graduation weekend. Adelyn and I truly had such a great time. As expected, I will tell the story of the weekend through pictures. I was so disappointed in myself because I forgot my camera!!! Luckily, I had my phone and my sweet future sister in law took lots of pictures and I borrowed some of hers for this post.

It was so sad to leave Annabelle on Friday morning. We both cried a little but Adam said she stopped about two minutes after they left the airport. When I got to Memphis, my step mom, Anita was sick and so she was not able to go with us . :( We were all sad about this!! On the way to Alabama my dad drove me by the house where him and my mom lived in Tupelo Mississippi when I was born and the church that he pastored then. It was so neat to see.
Adam called and told me that he had successfully put in Annabelle's pig tails and he sent me this pic! I was super proud because we had tried to have a teaching session and it did not go over so well.
I left my house on Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. and we arrived in Alabama at 7:00 p.m. central time so Adelyn and I had been traveling for 12 hours. We were soo tired to say the least but little Adelyn was such a trooper. She did great, even on the plane and of course we sat next to really great people! I put Adelyn in bed and James and Emily came over to chat for a bit and then I went to sleep. The graduation was at 9:00 the next morning. Here is little Adelyn before graduation. She looked so pretty!My dad and I met my mom, step dad, grandmother, aunt and her husband at the graduation. There were sooooo many people graduating and James' graduation was only the first one of the day. I think we estimated there were 1400 people in this graduation. James had his moment and we all cheered for him! This is my aunt Janice, the one we go to the beach with every year. She wanted to wear Adelyn's bow. She's so goofy. I love her. She is also doing a mini triathlon in a few weeks; I hope I am as athletic as her when I get older! James did not want his picture taken after the graduation. He wanted us to wait until we went to dinner that night but I got my mom to snap a pic while he was on the phone.
My mom, aunt, and grandmother took Adelyn for the afternoon and I took a much needed nap. (Adleyn didn't sleep hardly at all the whole time we were gone.) That night we went to dinner with everyone including Emily's parents. They were so sweet! Here are James and Emily being silly showing off their muscles.Emily, me, James, and Adelyn. I need a tan I know but what can you do when you don't go to tanning beds anymore and you live in Ohio?! Also, I got to wear my purple dress again which I was super excited about! I also wore high high heals which I never do!! It was hilarious though me trying to carry the baby carrier and walk everywhere with these high heels on; I decided quickly that it was not my best idea.My dad with the graduates. Let me explain Emily's attire. She is extremely smart and never even made an A- in college hence all the things around her neck. :) Her and James are moving to Texas (together but not together) because she got a scholarship to do her masters in Dallas.Aren't they adorable.Me, Adleyn, and James with his eyes closed, ha!Four generations (we missed you Annabelle!)Me and my sweet babyGepaw and AdelynAfter dinner Dad, Adelyn, and I headed back to Memphis. We got back at one in the morning (two my time!) The next day we headed to church. Adelyn fell asleep right before we left and so Anita stayed athome with her to let her sleep (so sweet of her!!) I snapped a picture of the service to show Adam because he always likes to see what other churches set ups look like.This was so funny. They had ear plugs on the welcome table in case you needed them because you thought the music was too loud. I knew Adam would get a kick out of this too!After church we headed straight to the airport to go back home! Adelyn did great on the flight! My attempt at getting Adleyn's picture of her first flying experience. Funny picture.
We got two seats on the way back and so Adelyn got to lay down! So cute!This was my treat I brought home to Annabelle. She loved it and I am so glad! And last but not least, I snapped this picture of a t-shirt they were selling in the Columbus airport. I don't even know what to say about this except I never dreamed Columbus Ohio would be like it is. Funny. Funny.What a great trip! I wish I got to see my family more often; I love them and miss them so much!

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