Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Weekend Fun

I was making breakfast on Friday morning and I heard something hit the floor and it scared me to death because I thought Adelyn had fallen out of the swing but this is what I found instead. The 3 in 1 book had fallen because Annabelle was in the process of sharing all of her books with Adleyn. :)On Friday we went and got our family picture taken. I think they turned out pretty good; I will post it later. Annabelle was smiling but Adelyn did not want to which is quite opposite from usual and because Adam HATES to do things like that afterward we went to Chili's (one of his absolute favorite restaurants to eat. The girls did soooo good and it was actually really fun! As usual, we were both in charge of one and then we switched in the middle of dinner. :) Here is Adam with Adelynand me with Annabelle. We got queso and she LOVED the chips!!Adam taught Adlyn to drink from a "big girl" straw. He did this with Annabelle and now she does really well with drinking out of sippy cups with straws so we thought we could try it again. :)On Saturday we went to baby Abby's first birthday party! She was sooo cute! I am sad I did not get a picture of her in her birthday outfit!!
Annabelle LOVES baby Abby!! She walks around our house and says her name all the time.

Adam, Adelyn, Carol, and CaraKim and sweet MaddieAnnabelle loved the bubbles!and then we came home and crashed! I was so glad Adelyn took a good nap! There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby!!On Sunday, we went to church and it was really really good this morning! This was the first Sunday afternoon we have all spent together in a while. I snapped this picture if Adam being Super Dad! He is seriously the best dad ever ever ever!
Our neighbors had a big water slide thing out in theri backyard and so we got Annabelle in her bath suit and took her to play. She loved thier sandbox which makes me really excited for the beach in a couple months!
I took this video of Annabelle to show them how much she has changed recently and to show off how cute she is in her bath suit!!!


What a great weekend!!

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