Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy 19 Month Birthday Annabelle!

The 27th of April was Annabelle's nineteenth month birthday! I am not going to count the months forever but just until she's two! Annabelle learns so much every day! If you tell her a sentence, she tries to say the last word of it every time. She looooves to put on makeup and lip gloss and enjoys trying to "help" with Adelyn. Annabelle also has a very unhealthy obsession with medicine, if ever she sees medicine she whines and whines to have some and the problem is that Adleyn takes a lot of medicine for her reflux. Sometimes we feed Annabelle orange juice through syringe but we now know she figured out our trick because when we get out the syringe and the juice she starts saying "jui" jui" for juice. We just give it to her anyway so she doesn't try to steal her sister's medicine. Annabelle also loves to dance in circles. I'm pretty sure she is on her way to becoming a ballerina because I feel like she spends half the day twirling in circles and she even find a point on the wall to spot! :)Annabelle has to say everything three times. She doesn't just say, "daddy" but "daddy" "daddy" "daddy." Also, when Annabelle wakes up in the morning she says, "momma" "momma." It melts my heart to hear that on the monitor and if Daddy wakes up with her whenever she hears a noise upstairs she says, "momma" "momma" and points. Periodically throughout the day if she hears a noise outside she says "daddy" "daddy" because she thinks he is coming home. It is too cute!
We love you Annabelle the Shmannabelle. I cannot think of any two people in the whole world I'd rather spend every day playing with than you and your sister!

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Cara said...

Good for you Ashley, for recording all of these priceless memories and moments! You will NEVER regret it or forget it now! Very, very wise!!