Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dr Visits and Matching Outfits

,Yesterday we went to the doctor for the Annabelle's 18 month (she is one month behind because I had the baby around her 15 month well visit) and Adelyn's 4 month well visit. We had a good time. I scheduled it on a Friday so Adam could go and help me because I thought both of them were going to get shots but luckily Annabelle is finished with hers and so she didn't have to have any! We spent a whole two hours in the doctor's office but the girls really did do great and I was incredibly thankful that Adam was there with me! I dressed them up in their matching outfits that they got for Easter from Target. (Can you believe these outfits were on sale for 5 dollars a piece!)
Here is my attempt at getting a picture with the both of them :) haha.Me and Schmad
Adam and Schmad. Annabelle opted not to get a photo with us.
Both girls before we are about to walk out the door. I just kept trying to get a good shot. :)
Annabelle loves to rock the baby.
And here is little Schmad, gotta love those cheeks!!

Annabelle got a Dora sticker! Yah!
Annabelle was in the 77th percentile for length, the 40th percentile for weight, and her head circumference was in the 88th percentile! She is definitely a skinny, tall little girl with a big head, which means she's smart! :)

Adelyn was in the 44th percentile for length, 70th percentile for weight, and her head circumference was in the 61st percentile!

I just love to get the stat and see how the girls grow!

We also talked to the doctor about the blood work that we got back for Adelyn. Dr. Justin was looking specifically for a certain white blood cell count that showed up if there is an allergy present and also he was looking for dehydration etc. He found only slight dehydration and no sign of the white blood cell that he was looking for which is great news! Adelyn had lost another 6 ounces and so the doctor recommended that we switch to soy formula in order to help her gain weight and also because the test showed she wasn't allergic he thinks she is lactose intolerant. Also, the day that Adleyn could not eat because she had to have the GI test done I pumped in order to keep my milk going strong but when I pumped I would only get 3 ounces total from both sides and so the doctor determined that I am most likely losing my milk like I did with Annabelle. This could just happen in my body and he assured me that it is nothing I did it is just how my body works. So, we are putting Adelyn on soy formula and we will see if that helps with the supposed lactose intolerance problem. I pray it does. Oh and the not taking a bottle situation, the nurse suggested that we try several different bottle and we have and we finally found one that she will take. Thank the Lord for Dr Browns!! Adelyn still gets a little confused but is doing well with them. She also had a little bit better night last night which I am extremely thankful for; I just hope it is not because she got her shots yesterday. I hope the formula and me not being on dairy truly helped her! Thanks again for your prayers.

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The Edin Family said...

Thank you for the update! I am so glad that you have an answer!! So thankful that she didn't have to go through any other tests!!! I am praying that the soy formula will work wonders (for you all!). I have a question. Would you mind emailing me? I just have a question about ..if you can't I totally understand! You are one busy mama! Have a wonderful weekend!