Saturday, April 17, 2010

My little princess

Annabelle wanted to wear her crown this morning! So precious! I love this picture because you can see her sweet little baby belly too! I weighed her today and the scale said 26 lbs! Wow! I can't wait for her dr appointment next week! He is letting me bring Annabelle and Adelyn in together for their 18 and 4 month appointments.

Oh and you can see the mullet in this pic:)

On to other news, the Fishers came to visit us Monday through Thursday morning of this week. I'll post pictures soon. Also, Millie, aka the lady I met at the playground, (I would link the post but I'm on my iPhone) she has come to church the past two weeks and we had a playdate this week! We have small talked about church etc. I hope to share the gospel with her soon! Please pray for her and me!

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Allie said...

I think Cara and I ran into Millie at Walmart this week and chated with her. Two little boys, right? She was very sweet and wants to be invovled.