Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy 18 Month Birthday Annabelle!!

Sweet Annabelle is 18 months old today! She is talking away these days! She can say "woo woof", "meow", "moooooo", "quack quack","right", "momma", "daddy", "lala", "papa", "mami", "paw", "cheese", "juice", "milk", "water", "bow", "bath", "bubbles", "baby", "bear", "car", "diaper", "poo poo", "love you", and "please", "thank you", "your welcome", and "more" in sign language. I'm sure there are more that I cannot remember but I am so proud of all of Annabelle's new words! It seems like she learns more every day. Like I said in an earlier post, she looooves books and to wear her bows. She has also just discovered the world of dress up hence the outfit! Annabelle also loves to hug, kiss and play with her sister and turn around and dance in circles. Can't wait for the next six months with my toddler! (weird, she's not my baby anymore!)


Ben and Audrey said...

she looks so much like you in the first picture! she is a doll! happy 18 months sweet girl!

aren't they just so fun?!!

Cara said...

LOVE the hat and tutu!!