Saturday, February 13, 2010

Staff Wives Brunch & Snowmobiling

This morning my pastor's wife Jennifer had all the staff wives over for prayer, bible study and brunch. The bible study was really great; she talked about Galations 1:10 and 1 Corinthians 3:12-15. In Galations it talks about not pleasing men but pleasing God. We discussed how it is hard sometimes to say "no" to things and how as minister's wives we can put pressure on ourselves to do too much but how it is important to pray and ask God if we should be involved in a particular ministry or volunteer activity and then we should go to our husbands and ask them if they think we should be involved in this activity (bc they have great insight into our lives and know if we are already doing too much and are stressed out etc.) We all then discussed how we are not judging one another if one of us cannot be at an event, in other words we are not comparing oursleves to one another by how much each of us is doing in the church. Then Jennifer discussed 1 Corinthians 3:12-15 and how everything we do without the right intentions will be "wood, hay, and straw" before the Lord instead of gold. We talkd about how it doesn't even matter what activity it is even if it looks like a great thing to people, if it is not done with right matter of heart it will be burned up before God. He considers it nothing. Jennifer pointed out that we should be investing our lives into things that God considers gold.

All of this was good for me to hear. First of all, sometimes I do feel guilty when I cannot be at some event because of the girls or something but I need to realize that this is ok for now. My girsl are little and by little I mean really little and it is important that I spend all the time with them that I can and that I put them as one of my top priorities and that I take care of my own home before I try to go out and do volunteer activities. It was good for me to realize that feeling guilty or worrying about what someone will think of me is vain. It is prideful. It is thinking about myself and not centering my thoughts on others or Christ. It was also reassuring to get with a group of women who feel the same way and who also said that they aren't judgeing me!

Jennifer was a great hostess. She always is! She has our women's biblestudy on Wednesday mornings at her house every week!!! We used to be able to walk in the mornings but the weather got so cold and I had Adelyn so we cant anymore but maybe one day again soon! She is a godly woman and an awesome role model.

On a totally different note, Adam was ok with the winters here, he did not even mind the negative degree weather UNTIL we bought a house here, had our first big snow storm and he had to shovel the driveway! I really did feel bad for him, as you can see in the pictures it was a lot of snow! Anyway, the thing Adam does like about the snow is the chance to sled, snowboard, and snow mobile! Today was his first chance to snowmobile at a guy from our churches house. Here are some pics and a video!

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