Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter has begun!

So, we have had abnormally warm weather here until a couple weeks ago. Our families came to see us for Christmas and didn't believe us that it got really cold here. I'll just mention that last year it got down to negative 15; this is not the wind chill but the actual temperature. Crazy right?! The funny thing is that most of the people that we know here like the freezing cold. I myself am not a fan but I know I can make it through and that God has us here for a reason and I would be miserable anywhere else out of His will! So, I wanted to post some pics of the snow.

This is our backyard. I know it is kinda confusing but we live in a newer neighborhood and the homeowner's association will not allow fences right now so this is what we see when we look out the back door. Our backyard neighbors have a patio but it has snowed so much that it is now covered.
This is the view from our mailbox. I couldn't get up my driveway because of this ice. It looks really bad and is on little side streets but they do a great job clearing the rest of the streets off so people can go to work etc.

This is a video I told Adam to take of the snow. He is the only one that has video capability on his phone. You cannot see the snow falling though...haha.


Also, today I took Adelyn to the doctor because her thrush caused her to get a yeast infection and bad diaper rash. To treat the thrush they put this purple dye into her mouth and it was hilarious looking! She is going to be fine though, she got medicine for the diaper rash and thank you Lord none of this really makes her too fussy!

I had to throw in some other pics of us with the girls and a pic of Annabelle who got a card from Lala today that sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" because Annabelle wanted Lala to sing that song to her the whole time she was here! See, I try to send a picture to all the grandparents from my iphone daily bc we live so far away it makes it seem like we get to see each other more often! :)


Heather Bug said...

Ashley, you are so cute! I am so glad you are blogging! :) I love seeing all your pictures. It's been really cold here, too. I know if it's cold here, it's REALLY cold there!! LOVED your Christmas picture! I'm sending out New Year's cards this year. You'll be getting one as soon as I get them. :) Love you, girl!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Thanks Heather! Can't wait to see your pic!! Miss you, maybe we will get to AR one of these days!! Love you too!!!