Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Staying warm!!

We were supposed to go to the dr today for Annabelle's 15 month check up but Dr Justin has the flu! Sooo we are spending the day in and out of the snow again! Here's some pics:
Us this morning when everyone had just gotten up

Annabelle loooves giving Adelyn kisses

And sweet baby Adelyn

Does anybody have any interesting ideas about how to spend time inside with a one year old and baby?? Not that we don't have fun :) just looking for more activities!
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Candace said...

art projects, learning games, exercise, etc.... finger painting, play-dough, counting candy, cheerios, etc. (and eating of course!) letter hunts, jump up and down, clap, stomp, pretend jump rope, lunges, crunches, etc. and count... You're getting exercise, wiggles out, and teaching her how to count.The K4 teacher in me loves this stuff so I def. have ideas if you need them!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

I looooove this!!! Thanks so much!!!