Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lazy Lazy Day

Annabelle, Adelyn, and I stayed home from church today and so it was a pretty uneventful day. I woke up this morning and Adam was already gone. He leaves really really early to set up everything for church because we meet in a school and so there is set up and tear down before and after church. Annabelle slept until 8:30 which was so nice; I actually got to eat my breakfast before anyone else!! Annabelle played and watched Mrs. Patty Cake while I fed and held Adelyn and then Adelyn went to sleep and Annabelle and I ate lunch. We had chicken spagetti that Mrs. Jen (Adam's mom) made when she flew here when I was in false labor. She is seriously the best. She made a bunch of meals and put them in the freezer for me so when I could not cook I would have them and today was the perfect day to use one. I have not yet thought of a plan of how to cook with the two girls. See, I cannot leave Annabelle and Adelyn in the same room together because Annabelle will love on Adelyn too much and usually when I put Adelyn down she starts to cry because she wants to be held anyway which sometimes triggers Annabelle to fake cry until I pick her up too. I cannot really carry both of them around so we try to sit on the couch or the recliner all togeher. Sooo, these is my excuses for not cooking for now :)

Annabelle went down for her nap at 12:45 right about the time that Adam made it home and Adelyn was sleeping so I told Adam to wake me up when she needed to eat and I headed up to my bed. Let me just take a minute to say, napping is probably one of my most favorite things to do! I just love getting all settled into bed in the middle of the day and falling so hard asleep that when I wake up I think its morning! This is true bliss. However, Adam came in a 1:30 and said Adelyn had been crying and she was hungry and so I fed her and then put her in the boppy next to me and she went back to sleep!!! so I did too and we slept till about 4:15!! It was wonderful! I have to say that Adam is a wonderful husband because he pretty much lets me nap every Sunday and watches Annabelle for me and today was no different!

Tonight we all just hung out at the house. See, today it was 4 degrees in Marysville so unless I wanted to get me and the girls majorly wrapped up, the option was to stay inside where it is warm and we didn't mind. Annabelle is so funny these days. She does a little dance to get what she wants or likes what she is eating. It is too cute! I am going to try to get a video of it soon. Also, tonight, I was looking for my phone and I was saying, "I wonder where my phone is, I can't find it anywhere??" "Adam have you seen my phone?" and all the sudden Annabelle comes around the corner bringing me my phone. I just know she heard me and understood what I was saying! How fun! I love watching her learn new things every day.


Brittany said...

your girls are so sweet!!!! did you just paint your cabinets black or did you get new ones? if you painted them what kind of paint did you use? i never know to pick semi-gloss or flat, or enamel???

glad to see yall are doing great!!!
love, brittany

Ashley Fisher :) said...

We painted than and I'm pretty sure Adam used flat and then put some sort of coating on the outside but I'll ask and make sure. Are you thinking about doing some or are you just curious??