Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fun?! in the snow

Today we decided to go and play in the snow. I really had not idea how it would go but I was excited for all of us to get some fresh air! It was actually above freezing today so it was a perfect day to do it! You would think that the above freezing temp would melt the snow but that's just not how it works around here. Snow lives forever and ever but I saw today that it was -42 to -52 in Alaska and I thanked God that He did not call us to live there! :) So here are the pics:

Daddy and the girls all bundled up and ready to go. (Adam does not believe in coats unless it gets below freezing; I know I think he is crazy too!)
Me with the girls. At least one is happy in this picture. :)

Me and Annabelle the Smannabelle in the snow. This is her new smile.
and there's another Annabelle smile for ya!
Daddy and the sweet baby. Ohhh, I totally forgot to include this hilarious story. Ok, so we are walking out the back door (There it is to the left) and I said, (in a mom voice I'm sure) "Adam don't drop the baby." I say those things just to make myself feel better for some reason, as if Adam wanted to drop the baby or something?! Well, right when I said that Adam slips and falls down the three stairs we have. I freaked out. Adam and baby were just fine he held her tight; no big deal but Adam was dying laughing and I was almost crying (not bc I thought it was funny but bc my sweet baby almost got hurt) and I looked at him like, "how could you be laughing??" and he looked at me like,"how could you not think that was funny?" It was one of those moments when we just had to appreciate that we married someone completely opposite from each other and meet somewhere in the middle, me fake laughing and Adam saying, "I'm so glad the baby's ok, wow."
Annabelle once again was not a fan of the snow.
I got dijavu from last January. All in all, we did not spend much time in the snow but we made some good memories and that's all that counts right?


Jessica Kenney said...

That is too funny! Glad they were both ok!

Erin, Mommy on the Run said... the post!!

Candace said...

Hilarious! I seriously laughed out loud.

Cara Beth said...

Just found your blog and this was hilarious! I can see me and my husband having the same conversation and I'd definitely be the one crying! haha