Saturday, February 20, 2016


He who called you is Holy-be Holy for I am Holy. 1 Peter 1:16

I'm digging into holiness this morning. Holiness to me can either seem unattainable (so give up now right?!) or can feel like a grit your teeth and be a good person mentality. This verse however doesn't elude to either of those extremes. 

Holiness in this passage means our lives and characters should right now be in the process of becoming conformed-both inwardly and outwardly to God's standards. (Reading my bible, spending time with Him, praying to Him-taking seriously rom 12:1-2 and begging Him to transform my mind to look more like His.) 

Holiness here means being totally devoted and dedicated to God-opening my heart and life up to what He has for me today....remembering that He has plans for me- his hands and feet on earth- to accomplish His purposes today. It also means anything that is pulling me away from my walk with God-anything that distracts me or takes away my focus must be walked away from today. 

He is holy and wants me to be holy because I can glorify God best by being like Him. -McArthur

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