Saturday, December 26, 2015

Be Strong

Sometimes I just want to quit. Relationships are hard, tasks can become challenging, even in my relationship with God, I can get frustrated and just feel like I want an out, for Him to stop pruning and just leave me alone.

I adore this passage of scripture from Ephesians 6; it's a challenge for me not to quit but to stay strong.

The contrasts of the definitions of "strong" and "weak" speak volumes:

Strong: *having the power to perform physically demanding tasks
*able to withstand great force or pressure
*very intense 

Weak: *lacking the power to perform physically demanding tasks
*liable to break or give way under pressure-easily damaged
*lacking intensity and brightness 

I want to be strong and not weak. I'm encouraged thinking about this concept of being "strong in the Lord." This type of strength I cannot muster up on my own. Just like it says above, I can draw this strength from Him being empowered by my union with Him. I'm extremely thankful that He has the power to give me all of the strength I need, enabling me not to quit when it gets hard, but to stay strong with whatever He has given me to do today! 

*from Oxford Dictionaries

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