Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This summer we......

 went to Overton Square to eat at Belly Acres
 and then to muddy's when Lala came to visit!
 We ate way to much ice cream
 and visited the children's museum.
 Abraham decided to dress like his Marmie
 and loved us some VBS's.
 Adam made me a cake!

 And we spent lots of time at the sand park!!
 The girls and I got to visit Paint a Piece
 and Adam and I went on weekly date nights!
Annabelle asked Jesus to come into her heart!!!

 and we spent some quality time at the Lakehouse!

 A and A took Ballet lessons
 did lots of crafts..
 and we frequented Mama D's!

 We had a fantastic and interesting trip to the beach this year
 in which we got to see the famous airplane show (the name of it escapes can tell I'm super into planes..."

 We spent tons of good time with our extended family,

 We celebrated my 31st birthday
 and Annabelle and Adelyn won a talent competition with a song about sister Annabelle sang on the spot!

 Adam took me to a fancy restaurant for my birthday and we got to play our annual mini golf...

 I enjoyed some girls nights!
 Adelyn had her 5 year check-up and I officially lost control of picking out her clothes.
 We got lice and indian meal moths... (don't ask)

 and topped off our summer with one last visit to the Children's Museum and the beloved Memphis Botanic Garden's My Big Backyard!!

I'm incredibly thankful for the wonderful summer we had! We were able to do so many exciting things; I just love having the kiddos home with me and not having to get everybody up and ready every morning!

We are full blown back into school mode now but it's good to change things up a bit for us too. It makes the summers all the more exciting!

Until next summer...

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