Friday, May 29, 2015

Self Awareness and Overactive Conscious

"The hallmark of growth in a Christian's life is self-awareness. Not the kind of awareness where we vaguely acknowledge that we sometimes sin, but the ability to take a soul inventory with a view toward growth."

I picked up a book by Mary DeMuth called "Everything." In it there is a section about self awareness. I believe the best way to take a soul inventory is to ask the Holy Spirit to search us, try us, see if there is any offensive way in us like scripture says.

However, Mary also offers a practical guide to self awareness with this 5 question method called EXAMEN. I thought it was wonderful and wanted to post it! 

She also says, "when others come alongside you and you humbly welcome feedback, your growth multiplies."

I pray I can be a person of humility who asks God to show me where I need to be more like Him and can welcome others feedback.

Mary continues on the topic of self awareness speaking to something she calls an "overactive conscious." And I sooo see myself in this picture! She says overactive conscious becomes so aware of faults that it analyzes and dissects them, obsessed over them and then deem oneself worthless. 

Mary says three things that have helped her with this are to: 

When I am filled with Jesus, I am humble. I am not thinking too much of myself, I am wanting to serve. I am not letting the voice of condemnation control my thoughts. I am free...

Thank you Mary DeMuth for your wise words on self awareness.


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Jenny Rogers said...

I needed to see this! Thank you! ❤️Jenny