Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Abraham's 11 Months Old!

My baby boy is 11 months old! He is such a big boy with a big personality. He is trying to say all kinds of things but the most understandable words are outside, banana, mama, dada, and that.

Abe has had a little bit of a rough month with another double ear infection. I'm praying they stay away or we get tubes soon!! Abraham has had two bottom teeth and now four top teeth are poking through the skin. I cannot believe he got four teeth at once. Ouch! 

Abe has basically cut back to one nap after lunch. He still likes to be held most all of the time (or me sitting right beside him.) If I leave a room he's in he screams until I come back. 

Abraham is a picky eater. He only really likes star errors and bananas and my smoothies but will occasionally have other things like carrots and broccoli. 

Abe is such a sweet fun little boy! I'm so thankful God gave him to me! 

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