Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Abraham is 10 Months!

I cannot believe we are so close to Abe's one year birthday. He's such a big boy these days! He has big boy hair and lots of it!! He is talking and talking and understand when I tell him "no." 

Abe is eating all kinds of food! He loves big boy food like pasta and he eats a TON! He is always hungry! I think he definatly has Adelyn and Adam's metabolism! Ha! 

Abraham is not really good at naps. He cat naps throughout the day and occasionally sleeps for an hour and a half. He usually always goes to sleep at 9. We can count on that.

Abe is wearing 12ish month clothes and is heavy!! He has started to get such a little personality. He makes this srunchy face at me and Adam and he knows it makes us laugh so he tries to entertain us. When the girls are at home, he is all up in their buisness. He wants to be wherever they are doing whatever they are doing. He loves them so much! 

He is still such a sweet little baby boy; he is just not so cuddly anymore. He wants to be on the go! He love loves his daddy as much as he loves me! 

I'm so thankful for his little life. He is a joy to our family!!! 

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Leslie said...

Look at him growing like a weed. So cute!!!!